Infant Toddler Family Day Care has been bringing families together with our network of experienced and professionally trained child care providers since 1983. Our nurturing program provides care and early childhood development to children beginning at six weeks of age and beyond. The Child Care Plus program offers high-quality child care services on an as-needed basis or during non-traditional hours including weekends and evenings. Infant Toddler Family Day Care is pleased to offer this flexible, convenient service in our nurturing family child care homes that are approved under our state license.

Why Child Care Plus and not a baby sitter?

  • Early Child Care Educators approved under the ITFDC-license
  • Experienced and professionally trained child care providers
  • Providers are CPR and First Aid certified
  • Liability Insurance included
  • Home Visits from Child Care Specialists
  • ITFDC office handles billing; you can use your Child Care Flexible Spending Account

Who can use Child Care Plus?

Anyone!  Current ITFDC Families as well as families not currently enrolled with an Infant Toddler Family Day Care provider.

When can I use Child Care Plus? Child Care Plus is for non-traditional hours which includes

  • Weekday Evenings
  • Weekend (day time or evening)
  • Overnight (7:00pm – 6:00am)
  • Full Day (24 hours period)
  • Infant Toddler Family Day Care holidays (see Holiday Calendar)
  • Anytime – on an as-needed basis

Where can I use Child Care Plus? You can use the services of any provider who has signed up for Child Care Plus.  Check the MEET OUR PROVIDERS page to see the list of available providers.

How much does Child Care Plus cost? Below are some suggested rates.  Providers and parents can arrange their own rates.  For details, please review the Child Care Plus Rate Sheet.

  • Hourly Rates – $15 – $22 per hour
  • Overnight (7:00pm – 6:00am) Rates – $9 to $13 per hour
  • Full Day Rates – $140 to $210
  • Holiday Rates – $9 to $13 per hour* – Holiday Rates are in addition to the regular Child Care Plus child care fees
  • Rates are dependent on the number of children enrolled

Is there an Enrollment Fee for Child Care Plus? Yes, there is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.

How can I enroll my child/children in Child Care Plus?

How do I report that I have used the Child Care Plus service?

Whenever Child Care Plus service is used, report the care at the Child Care Plus Care Registry or submit the Family Care Form to ITFDC for billing purposes.  You will receive an invoice for payment.

*Effective Jan 1, 2018, ITFDC will start accepting payments via PayPal.  Payments can be submitted directly from our PayPal page.  Please be advised that there will be a 3% processing fee for all PayPal payments so pleased be sure to include this fee in the total when remitting payment.

Questions?  Ready to enroll? Please feel free to contact our Child Care Plus team, by email at


View the Child Care Plus information session presentation.