Infant Toddler Family Day Care proudly recognizes and applauds the outstanding achievement of our past and present ECCEs (Early Child Care Educators) who have received their CDA (Child Development Associate) credential.

Samina Aslam – 2022*

Riffat Chughtai – 2022*

Marcela Escobar – 2024*

Faqraz Malik – 2023

Ivania Mercado- 2023

Alicia Orlando – 2022*

Mariam Samadi- 2021

Tizeta Seifu- 2021

Sabra Shirazi- 2021

Mariel Syed- 2023

CDA (Child Development Associate) is a nationally recognized professional credential. To receive this credential each candidate must:

  • have a minimum of 480 hours working with children aged birth through 5 years;
  • complete 120 hours of formal childcare and education with no fewer than 10 hours in each of eight specific subject areas;
  • have a CDA assessment observation completed by an approved CDA advisor;
  • have an early childhood studies reviw completed by a CDA Council representative and finally;
  • pass an oral interview conducted by a CDA council representative.

How to become a CDA?  Please visit our Professional Development Program.

* These ECCEs additionally serve as mentors to new ECCEs by providing 40 hours of training at their own home day care.