Our office is located at:

11166 Fairfax Boulevard
Suite 206
Fairfax, VA 22030

Please note that Fairfax Boulevard is also known as Main Street or Route 50.
Click here for map/directions to our office.
Normal building hours are:  M-F:  7am – 6pm, Sat: 8am – 12 noon, and Sun:  Closed.
Guests:  Please follow these directions for access to our office before and after normal building hours:
  • Use the Door King System located at the building entrance.
  • Once you see ‘INFANT TODDLER‘, please press the CALL button located under the Z button on the lower right hand side of the system.
  • The system will automatically call our office.  There is a speaker on the left hand side of the telephone number pad.  Please speak into the speaker to confirm your identity and purpose for the visit.
  • Shortly after verification, you will hear a CLICK and a BEEP sound at the entrance door.  This sound indicates that the door lock has been released.  You are then able to enter the building.
If we are not able to pick up on the first call, please wait for the system to hang up, reset and perform the same steps above until someone picks up the line.