General Information

How do I enroll my child into the Infant Toddler Family Day Care Program?

Visit the Enrollment Page.

How do I make changes to my account?

Complete the Change Form.

For Parents

Where do I find the child care fees?

Fees are documented in the ITFDC Program Basics.

What does the one-time enrollment fee pay for?

  • Compiling all needed forms (including but not limited to immunization/physical form, contract, development  history, USDA Food program enrollment)
  • Providing copies of all documents to parent and provider
  • Our assistance with selecting a provider, along with providing information about each provider and our follow ups to assist throughout the interview process
  • Enrollment of siblings born later
  • Assistance with locating another provider/enrolling with them if a change is needed

Do you accept credit card payments?

Infant Toddler Family Day Care currently does not accept credit card payments.  We do accept accept payments via PayPal.  Payments can be submitted directly from our PayPal page.

Please be advised that there will be a 3% processing fee for all PayPal payments so please sure to include this fee in the total when remitting payment.

What are the criteria of the home evaluations?

ITFDC uses a comprehensive process to conduct an annual evaluation of our family day homes.  See our ANNUAL HOME EVALUATION.

Tax ID

During the tax return season, many parents contact our office for their provider’s tax id.  Please note that for security reason, our office cannot share the information.  Please contact your provider.  Each provider is required by law to give parents the documentation to file for their tax credit.

For Providers

How do I open a child day care facility?

You can Become an Infant Toddler License Approved-Provider.  If you wish to obtain a state license on your own, please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services for details.

How do I get on the USDA Food and Nutrition program?

  • You must hold a current state license, registration, local approval, military certification or extension letter. Please visit the USDA Child Care Food Program for more details.

Where can I do child care?

Only in your own residence (you cannot rent another location to do child care).

Can I do child care in an apartment?

Only with permission from the landlord and/or homeowners association.

What is the education requirement?

High school degree (in the US or outside of US) or GED.

What are the qualifications required?

Experience (volunteer or paid) working with children other than your own.

What training is needed?

CPR/First Aid, Professionalism, Child Development, Safety, Interview Skills and Parent Communication.  MAT is recommended.  Applicant needs to be able to speak, read and write English.  If applicant is found to need to improve English skills, we will refer them to a community ESOL resource.  Visit the Become an Early Childhood Educator page for more details.