Each year, 16 hours of professional development must be completed by Providers approved under the ITFDC-license, between August 1 and July 31 (ex. from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024).

Please check our Calendar for all professional development events.

All professional development are held at the ITFDC office unless notified otherwise.  Please note that child care is not available in the office, please do not bring children.

Please note that all professional development are subject to cancellation due to weather or low attendance response.  Please contact our office for updates.

ITFDC also has a library of training videos available!  Watch the video at home and submit a short quiz for professional development credits.

Titles include:

  • Early Academics
  • Infant:  Social and Emotional Development
  • Reading with Your Babies
  • Safe Sleep for Your Baby
  • Toddlers:  Social and Emotional Development
  • Toddlers:  Physical Development
  • Toddlers Outdoors:  Play, Learning and Development
  • Babies Outdoors:  Play, Learning and Development
  • Two Year Olds Outdoors:  Play, Learning and Development
  • Discipline:  Teaching Limits with Love
  • Safe Active Play
  • Infants:  Physical Development
  • Stop Smoking Now
  • Food Fitness Matter:  Raising Healthy, Active Kids
  • The Pre-K Promise