Welcome to My Family!

In my small group family child care home,  I emphasize the importance of the loving relationship that is formed between myself and your child. At the heart of my program is the belief that this personal and lasting relationship provides the best possible learning environment.

A Typical Day

  • Arrival/Breakfast
  • Morning Activities;  Blocks/Puzzles, Arts/Crafts, Puppets/Dramatic Play
  • Morning Snack
  • Outside Play
  • Lunch
  • Nap/Story Time
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Pick Up

From Her Child Care Specialist

Nadia enjoys offering a variety of toys and reading to the children.  She has previous experience as a family child care provider with another organization.  In her spare time, Nadia enjoys cooking and going for walks.

From Parents

Our daughter has been in Nadia’s care for over a year now. Upon meeting Nadia, I knew immediately she was going to be the one to care for my daughter. She was so very welcoming, loving and reassuring. Dropping my daughter off at Nadia’s in the mornings does not feel like I am taking her to a daycare, but more like a relative’s house. Nadia gives so much care to Lyla that I never worry about her well being. This is an immense relief because it allows me to focus solely on my work responsibilities. Every morning, our daughter joyously jumps into Nadia’s arms and never wants to leave at the end of the day. Nadia is incredibly attentive and constantly developing our daughter’s language skills. Before speaking to our daughter in her native language, Farsi, she first asked our permission, as she did not want to overstep any boundaries. This is just one example of her exemplary quality of always getting our approval first. Our daughter at 1.5 years old can understand Farsi and English. It is absolutely exceptional that our daughter understands two languages at such as young age. We see our daughter’s mind always at work whether Nadia is speaking to her in Farsi or reading to her in English. Nadia is also the most amazing cook. Our daughter is fed healthy homemade food on a regular basis. She is a very active child, and the fact Nadia can keep her completely occupied is no easy feat. Her neighborhood is very safe and family friendly. Nadia will often walk with her in the neighborhood when weather permits. Even if they cannot get outside for a neighborhood walk, her backyard is incredibly large. Our daughter learns all about the different fruit trees, flowers and has plenty of room to run around. We are beyond happy and find it an enormous blessing that we have Nadia to care for her. Any child would be in magnificent hands under her care.

From the Provider

I love kids and I like to take care of kids and spend time with them.  It is very important to pay close attention to infants and toddlers at all times.  Children who are the youngest need the most care.  I want to help parents too.  Good child care is very important to me and I want to provide that service to the community.