Welcome to My Family!

In my small group family child care home I emphasize the importance of the loving relationship that is formed between myself and your child. At the heart of my program is the belief that this personal and lasting relationship provides the best possible learning environment.

A Typical Day

  • Arrival/Feeding/Breakfast
  • Free/Outside Play (using motor skills)
  • Story Time (Improve intellectual growth)
  • AM Snack
  • Play with blocks, stacking toys, and puzzles/artwork (using cognitive abilities)
  • Play in groups
  • Cleanup/wash up/lunch
  • Story time/music time
  • Nap
  • Free play/Outside play/Pickup

From Parents

Ms. Riffat has been a wonderful provider for our daughter for over 3 ½ years. Like any new parent, I was sad and hesitant to leave my daughter with anyone. Very quickly, however, we all became very comfortable with Ms. Riffat and knew that we couldn’t find a better provider anywhere. In Ms. Riffat’s care, my daughter learned the academic and social skills needed to prepare her for preschool. I just wish Ms. Riffat could continue on to preschool with her. She has thrived in the structure of Ms. Riffat’s care – breakfast, play time, outside time, lunch, and nap. The rhythm of the day at Ms. Riffat’s is definitely joyful and comforting. Because of Ms. Riffat’s influence my daughter has grown in responsibility, especially her ability to listen and follow directions. Ms. Riffat has a phenomenal way the the kids that is the perfect combination of authority and abundant love. Seeing how well behaved all of the kids in her care are is truly amazing. It has always been a joy to hear about the creative play with the other kids that feeds Heidi’s soul and nourishes her spirit. Ms. Riffat fosters friendships between the kids that will last years. Ms. Riffat has been a huge blessing to me as well as to my daughter. I have learned so much about children in general and my daughter in particular from Ms. Riffat. I am a better mother for the lessons I have learned from her and am sure that I will still reach back to ask her advice throughout the years. While we are leaving the ITFDC program, Ms. Riffat will always be a part of our family. When I was unavailable due to cancer treatment I knew that I did not need to worry about my daughter and her wellbeing. I knew that at Ms. Riffat’s house my daughter would get all the nurturing, education, and love that she needed. No matter what was going on at home Ms. Riffat gave Heidi exactly what she needed, helping her deal with fears and changes and helping raise her to be a wonderful preschooler. Ms. Riffat has passed on her compassion, love, and joy of life to my daughter and her life will be all the richer for her time with Ms. Riffat.

Mrs. Riffat was the first person that I’ve ever left my daughter with for a long period of time, so trust was very important to me. Mrs. Riffat reassured me that my daughter was in great care and she really was. During the time that she went to Mrs. Riffat’s house, she grew by leaps and bounds. I was amazed at all of the new milestones she came home with, and I know it was due to Mrs. Riffat.  Mrs. Riffat was also very accommodating and flexible with my needs. There were times that I had to pick Elle up late and she was very understanding. When I picked her up, she gave me a complete update on my daughter’s day. Mrs. Riffat really takes a whole-harted interest in each child, and I am grateful for that.

Since August 2012 Ms. Riffat has nurtured and taught my daughter and we have been very pleased with her care.  The most important aspects of childcare for me and my husband were safety, a learning environment, and open and honest communication.  Ms. Riffat has exceeded our expectations in all areas.  She has a wonderful space set up for the children in her walk out basement.  The children are surrounded by safe educational toys and learning tools inside and outside.   The space is clean and tidy, yet leaves room for creativity.  There is a bathroom in the space and an extra room where smaller children can take naps monitored by Ms. Riffat on a baby monitor from the adjacent room (if the naps of the larger children don’t coincide with those of the babies.)   The room is adorned with art work and pictures of the children.  When my daughter first started going to Ms. Riffat we called it “school.” Although she is under a year old, Ms. Riffat has created a learning environment that is like a pre-school.    Sofia learns new things almost every day from Ms. Riffat and the other children, is very curious, and plays well with others.  So far she has learned to love books and people, dance with music, feed herself, put away her toys and share.  I attribute many of these accomplishments to the learning culture Ms. Riffat creates in her home.   In the future, I look forward to my daughter practicing her colors and numbers as I see Ms. Riffat doing with the older children.   Ms. Riffat is a wonderful communicator and provides great information to parents.  We sign our daughter in every day and Ms. Riffat always asks great questions about her night or weekend.  In addition she welcomes our periodic phone calls to check on our daughter during the day.  Finally, every day Ms. Riffat gives us a “report card” that details when and what she ate, when her diaper was changed and what was in it, what she did with friends, etc.  Ms. Riffat also always writes a little note each day on that card telling us a little anecdote of what our daughter did that day.  It is a wonderful thing for a working mother and father to feel as though we were part of her day, even when we weren’t physically there. In conclusion, I give Ms. Riffat a high recommendation as a competent, nurturing caregiver.  She is truly a blessing to our family and an important part of our daughter’s life.

Our experience with Miss Riffat providing full time care for our son has been nothing short of wonderful. She is very loving with him and allows learning through play while also having organized activities and schedule to keep the kids consistent and secure. Our son has been thriving in her care, learning, growing, happy, and excited everyday at dropoff. Miss Riffat has become like family, communicates with us well, and has been an exceptional care provider for us!