Welcome to My Family!

In my small group family child care home, I emphasize the importance of the loving relationship that is formed between myself and your child. At the heart of my program is the belief that this personal and lasting relationship provides the best possible learning environment.

A Typical Day

  • Arrival/Breakfast
  • Morning Activities:  Songs, Reading Books, Playing with shapes/colors
  • Morning Nap (for infants)
  • Lunch/Nap
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Pickup

From Parents

We are so so thankful to Analiza for taking the best care of our daughter. She is excited to go see Analiza every day and play with her. We can’t thank Analiza enough for the effort and thoughtfulness she puts into providing care for our daughter and all her kids. She is growing into a happy and smart toddler due in large part to Analiza!

Analiza is an active and caring provider who clearly enjoys caring for children. Her happy disposition brings joy to our child. We have confidence in her care and this provides us with tremendous peace of mind throughout the day. All of Analiza’s family support her in her work and this certainly helps to provide a happy home environment for the children.

My son has been with Analiza full-time since he was 8 weeks old, when I had to return to work after my maternity leave.  I was, of course, very sad to have to leave my baby, but I have never worried about him once when he’s been with Analiza and her family. She loves him and treats him like one of her own.  She is patient and kind, and our son is absolutely wild about her.  He is now 21 months old and he has a blast at Analiza’s house every day.  He talks about “Isa” on the weekends and is happy to jump into her arms when we drop him off in the mornings.  We feel so lucky that Analiza has a daily caretaker who cares for him just as we would.

Analiza has taught our son all sorts of things – he can count to 10 (although he hates the number 5 and skips it every time!), and he can say his numbers in Spanish too.  About a month ago, he started singing the ABCs out of the blue.  All of this, he learned with Analiza.  She has taught him to share and “be nice,” and he has been wonderfully socialized playing with the other children at Analiza’s house.

Analiza has a great backyard that the children love to play in, a clean and safe play area in the house, and a functional set-up for quiet napping.  Our son is an incredibly fussy eater, but Analiza gets him to eat healthy foods way better than we ever can.  She follows any special requests we have and has been wonderfully flexible with us. She has happily cared for him when work unexpectedly ran late, and she went above and beyond helping our family get back home during a terrible snowstorm last winter.  Her family is fantastic, and our son is crazy about them too.