Praises from families:

To read our Provider Tribute Book, please click here.  This book is a collection of tributes or special appreciation sent in by parents for their providers as part of our 30th Anniversary.

“[Our son] entered [Samina's] home when he was 9 months old through age 3.  I thought of her as his second mom.  She was really a God send right at the time we needed her.  She understood all my first time mom jitters and knew what my concerns were before I had to mention them.  She loved my child as if he was hers and took the time to work with him and understand his emotions and needs through every growing and learning stage.  She worked with us on things we were working on with [our son]…She treated every family with the same professional and loving manner regarding their child.  Everyone got a report of how their day went and everyone got to have their questions answered…I can’t thank her enough and I will always consider her a part of my family…I am glad she is part of Infant Toddler Family Day Care…”  Marbeth L. Dec 2014

“We are deeply grateful for the outstanding nurturing and loving care that Ms. Jabeen has given our child since we first started in August of 2011.  It has been a joy to become a part of her family and have her family become a part of ours.  I couldn’t have imagined any better care or learning from another person.  As a first time mother, this became such a big relief to me daily.  Our daughter is now a beautiful, gentle spirit with so much affection for others and that is due in part to Ms. Jabeen and her family.  There are not enough words to thank her for that.  We would also like to express our thanks to you and your staff for the services you provided.  We have frequently and without hesitation recommended your organization to our friends and colleagues.  Your organization has provided a service that is not only affordable for military families like ourselves, but also safe and trusted.”              LF May 2014

“Our usually very shy Laila opened up quickly to her [Ayesha] and thoroughly enjoyed learning all the things that Ayesha teaches the kids during the day…she really taught Laila a lot of useful things, like counting, and the alphabet, and even encouraged her table manners and cleaning-up skills.” Feb 2012

“Another benefit of the Infant Toddler model is that children are socialized in an intimate setting.  They build strong bonds with the other children in the family day care, without being part of a more industrial day care setting.  Samina is expert in helping facilitate these relationships among the children and even among their parents.”

“Don’t know what we would do without Infant and Toddler.  It is so nice to have a service that lets us know who is available and has little write ups from the child care specialist.  Knowing that there is one more organization watching how things work in the homes is reassuring too.”  Feb 2011

“I found my day care provider through Infant Toddler years ago.  They were wonderful in helping us find people in our area and managing the payments and ensuring the day care provider was up to date on certifications etc.  I loved our provider – so much that we will be sending our new little boy to her at the end of the summer.”  From babysitter.com, June 2011

“My husband…and I are thrilled with Farzana’s care.  I know our son is thriving with Farzana because he is all smiles around her.  He enjoys his time with her and the other children.  I believe he misses them on the days he’s not here.  This has been a surprisingly pleasant experience for us as 1st time parents.  Being a new mom to a preemie with medical conditions makes me extra nervous but I know Farzana cares so much for my son and always has his best interest in mind.  I can vividly recall my tears as I dropped my son off for his first day with Farzana.  It was such a great relive to see how well he did and continues to do in Farzana’s care.”  May 2009

“I found Infant/Toddler Family Day Care the BEST solution for a working mother with an infant.  I feel that infants need a special person to bond with when mom is not always available and your family daycare providers do just that.  Your office does a great service to parents and I find your prices highly competitive and worth every penny especially when you find a loving and experienced provider like we did.”  Feb 2008

“We are really happy with the provider that cares for our children.  The children are loved, taught manners, and involved in learning plus fun activities.  My 2-1/2 year old can count to to 20 and knows her alphabet.  It’s all because of ITFDC.  The food program and substitute program are excellent!  No other day care that I visited could offer what ITFDC can.”  July 2007

Praises from a Former Provider:

“I am very glad to be with Infant Toddler Family Day Care in the past five years.  Through this time I learned a lot and got a lot of experiences with infants & toddlers; especially the college classes.  I have a lot of good and unforgettable memories from Infant Toddler.”  Roya S.

A Visit from Former-VA Delegate Chuck Caputo:

“I had a delightful visit this morning to Ms. Gina Salazar’s in-home day care.  My goal was to experience what a typical day is like in the homes that are part of the Infant Toddler Family Day Care network and find out from providers like Gina what their biggest needs are.  What I found is an incredibly warm and pleasant environment where Ms. Salazar takes care of three beautiful children.  I was particularly impressed with how much emphasis is placed on teaching and learning and with the fact that Ms. Salazar has a background in Social Work and Psychology.  Gina is clearly a very competent and caring provider and I don’t think I could possibly have found three happier children.”

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Former VA Del Chuck Caputo visits with Gina Salazar