What Makes the Infant Toddler Family Day Care Program So Special

Children entrusted to us benefit from warm, loving, and lasting relationships with their providers and peers.

The long-term bond between your child and his/her child care provider cultivates the important social and emotional skills of trust and independence.

Our mixed-age-group settings where children learn and grow through play maximize your child’s exposure to a wide range of learning and developmental opportunities.

A consistent provider relationship gives parents greater insight into their child’s progress and challenges.

Children in our program do very well in kindergarten.  They have mastered the important skills needed to navigate the more advanced world of school.

Here’s a quick overview of the Infant Toddler Family Day Care Program:

  • Children can enroll in our program as early as six weeks of age.
  • Providers serve meals and snacks.
  • Parents bring diapers and similar supplies, along with some basic equipment.
  • Flexible arrival and departure times are worked out individually.
  • Certain health conditions such as fever or vomiting mean children must stay home.
  • Siblings are encouraged to use the same provider.
  • All providers share certain scheduled holidays.
  • If a provider is not available on a given day, an approved substitute is provided.

The Infant Toddler Family Day Care Program abides by standards as adopted by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

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